Program Overview

Kids in Classroom Drill

Life Skills Programs are designed to be all inclusive, fun, stimulating and educational. To enhance your school opportunities, school-based karate life skills training provides great variety for students during school hours. Sessions are a combination of fun, learning how to use their bodies, building core values of respect and discipline attained through Karate.

We combine self-discipline, motivation and respect with school sport-based physical activity that students find both stimulating and exciting- leaving parents heartened at the combination of these equally important areas. This innovative program is designed to give students the opportunity to train in a traditional Martial Art within their school extracurricular activities or sporting program. We aim to make students better across the school curriculum and have a positive future.

Students who attend the Life Skills Program are destined to succeed in life because we introduce/ teach them about goals, self-esteem, discipline and persistence from an early age. More importantly, the traits children learn in our unique introduction program will introduce them to some skills that can pay off for the rest of their lives. In a structured environment, we teach students the basic traits like goal setting, reflective practice, motivation and self-esteem. They develop good routines and procedures in everything they do, because we train both the mind and the body.

School students are often placed under significant stress through factors including academic pressures, peer group influences and rapid changes as they progress through adolescence. Many students fail to maintain sufficient physical activity to stay healthy. By introducing a mix of Karate, meditation and breathing exercises can significantly improve their fitness, general health, capacity to study and help reduce stress and anxiety. We are able to customise programs to suit student groups depending on their specific needs and give opportunities for them to reach their full potential.

We educate students on life skills, protective behaviours and conflict resolution to help them avoid problems arising in the first place. Bernie Haughey Shihan has over 40 years experience, he can offer Karate Life skills/ Self Defence Programs/ Workshops at your school.

The format of programs offered by AGKK is completely flexible and can be customised to suit the needs of your school, the time available, age of students and your desired outcomes. We can offer programs ranging from a lecture format to practical well-controlled activities and from one session through to term or yearlong programs.

It has been shown that students who participate in Karate Life Skills Program apply themselves more conscientiously at school and home and are less likely to be bullied or become bullies, as they develop greater self-confidence and respect for others. They will understand the importance of responsible, legal and safe behaviour, learning that mistakes are only setbacks, self-defence, why good nutrition is vital, and the ability to avoid negative peer pressure. All while reinforcing the virtues of hard work, concentration, planning, self-discipline, family and school values.

Accomplishments in our Life Skills Program are often seen in a positive light by prospective employers who rightly attach images of strength, trust and good character to those who particiapte.

We will cover the physical, emotional, psychological, social and life skill essentials of helping young boys and girls achieve success when it comes to living happy, healthy, active lifestyles for now and in the future.

Program Benefits

Physical Activities

  • Students will understand the benefits of daily physical activity.
  • Students will understand the importance of setting functional and practical short and long term goals in relation to daily positive routines.
  • Students will have a better understanding of the numerous practical ways in which they can be active, enjoy exercise and accomplish their goals.
  • Students will create a culture of daily physical activity/exercise reducing anxiety, stress and enhance life skills.

Psychological/emotional/social benefits from involvement in the program

  • Students will have improved psychological well-being.
  • Students will be taught how to feel good about being themselves by acknowledging positive things about themselves.
  • Students will develop healthy attitudes to do with communicating, concentrating, responding and healthy habits.
  • Students will be shown how attitudes/beliefs affect behaviour and health.
  • Students will develop a healthier set of attitudes in a way that is unique to each individual on how to make healthier, positive choices in the classroom, home and society.
  • Students will be able to develop and practice individual, healthy, positive decisions.
  • Students will be well informed about making sensible behaviours and classroom patterns.
  • Students will develop psychologically sound behaviours and actions for life.
  • Students will develop proactive life skills with a growth mindset.

Reducing Stress and Anxiety in students

  • Our Life Skills Programs can reduce stress of students and promote happiness.

This can be seen in the following ways;

To begin with the school based Life Skills Karate – based training is a great form of exercise, which contributes to overall physical and mental health. These drills may help reduce stress and anxiety. Engaging in school based lessons helps students in their battle against emotional, physical, and mental stress and ailments. The deep breathing exercises, produce a calming effect on the student. The concentration involved in meditative execution of Karate routines serve to relax the body and provide stillness in the mind during practice.

Our training also involves the learning of techniques useful in stress management such as; breathing and meditation techniques and reacting calmly to stressful situations.

Levels of confidence significantly increase, leading to better communication skills, high self-value and ultimate stress reduction. Our training improves calming the mind which helps calm student fears and helps student project self-confidence. This is particularly important in reducing anxiety and coping with stress, leading to stress reduction.

Our training improves socialization – we develop social support and connectedness, which has been proven to have qualities of stress reduction.

The training improves goal setting through the development of a growth mindset, requiring the setting of targets, strategies needed to overcome obstacles, how can they improve goals and a plan of action in working towards achieving these aims. This repeated over time enables students to set realistic goals and gather the dedication and prudence to work hard and attain them. In effect, students learn valuable skills in goal setting and attainment, which can be replicated in real life occasions, making students to be more productive thus improving their emotional wellbeing and self-image.


Students maintain a healthy weight through self-discipline and Karate exercises whilst gaining massive amounts of self-esteem and confidence. Our unique curriculum of self-development, fitness and fun will teach children all the key traits necessary to succeed in life. Our carefully structured environment will help children develop physically, mentally and socially.

Students will be educated and equipped with strategies to ensure they eat healthy and nutritious meals and snacks to ensure they grow up healthy, fit and strong.