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Workshops / Programs For Primary And Secondary Schools – Student Enrichment Life Skill Based Programs


Our sessions are clearly articulated with established procedures, promoting high quality opportunities and the enhancement of professional culture to increase mindfulness, proficiency of students, reducing stress and anxiety. We improve student engagement for learning, resilience, and wellbeing.

We offer programs in schools in and around Brisbane suitable for students as young as four through to teenagers, college, and university students. Students will learn how to train their minds, and how to become more confident in themselves. Our proven approach to martial arts gives immediate benefits in a balance of practical, physical and mindfulness development…

  • These programs are available for all year levels in primary and secondary schools across Brisbane.
  • All students can benefit, including special needs children and those with behavioural issues.
  • This program is available as either one off session or you can book us for the entire school term or year.
  • The programs include facilitation and equipment.
  • Students can wear their school sports clothes
  • Sessions can be run with select groups, classes, entire year levels or the whole school.
  • We bring all the necessary equipment, all you need is a clear covered space.

Parents and teachers recognise the improvement in the students respect, self-control and confidence

  • Respect for self and others, both inside and outside the classroom
  • Self-discipline, motivation, mindfulness, confidence and resilience
  • Making the right choices in school and life
  • Improving health and wellbeing
  • Improved initiative with school work and classroom behaviour
  • Learning valuable Self Defence strategies for physical and mental bullying


Our aim is to provide schools with the skills and resources needed for an optimal learning environment to grow respectful, disciplined, confident, resilient, mature and courteous students.

  • Encourage students to be calm and focused and to reflect on choices through visualization and self-evaluation techniques.
  • To provide students with valuable life skills that will teach them to live a healthy life, with a positive mindset and to apply themselves at school and home.
  • Inspire students to become more enthusiastic and motivated in school.
  • Create life-changing habits and positive behaviour that will lead students to reach their full potential.


Advanced bookings recommended

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Meet the Instructor

Berney Haughey - Skills for Life

Bernie Haughey has over 40 years’ experience as a life skills coach, karate instructor and school teacher.

He promotes high quality learning opportunities and the enhancement of a respectful school culture.

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