About Skills for Life

Skills for life Strengths

  • Inclusive, fun, stimulating and educational
  • The programs include all aspects of facilitation, equipment and insurance – only a clear, covered space is required
  • Tailored to suit your school’s curriculum and/or extra-curricular program, the time available and your desired outcomes
  • These karate-based life skills programs deliver more focused and more engaged learners through body postures, controlled movements, breathing techniques, visualisations combined with creative purposeful activities.
  • Programs are available for children of all ages including those with special needs and behavioural issues
  • Sessions can be run with specific groups and classes or with a mix of ages and ability levels
  • Can be run as a once off session, or as an ongoing program
  • Many schools opt to run multiple 1-2 week programs throughout the year to optimise learning opportunities for all students

Benefits for students, teachers & families

Increased mindfulness and proficiency of students

  • Elevation of performance and wellbeing
  • Reinforcing the value of respect for Parents, Teachers and Peers
  • Focus, discipline, perseverance and autonomous organisational skills
  • Students will learn how to train their minds and to become more confident in themselves and their abilities
  • Builds a strong work ethic and a can-do attitude
  • Encourages good character development and a healthy lifestyle
  • Improve physical and mental strength as students learn how to use their minds and bodies positively
  • Enhance and support an anti-bullying culture in school and at home
  • Improve emotional resilience to stress and peer pressure
  • Build self-motivated students and an elevation of performance in the classroom and at home


Parents and teachers recognise the improvement in the students respect, self-control and confidence

Our feedback from parents and teachers is that participating students apply themselves more conscientiously at school and home as they develop greater self-confidence, improved organisational skills and respect for others.

  • The Japanese procedural self-discipline based program increases the functionality of connecting mind and body.
  • We use developmentally appropriate pedagogy to explain key mindfulness concepts and practices to students.
  • We focus on the value of discipline, planning and persistence and how these traits can be used to establish and reach positive goals.
  • By improving body-mind awareness we nurture a student’s wellbeing.
  • Procedural self-discipline is the ultimate gift for all students.


Our programs target seven significant areas:

Reducing Stress and Anxiety in students

Our School-Based Life Skills programs can reduce stress of students and promote happiness.


  • Increasing their fitness with the specific drills and exercises.


  • Educating students on how to avoid and handle situations.
  • Prevents students from becoming the bully through teaching self-control and discipline.


  • Guiding students to have a positive mindset in training, school, and home.
  • Learning to apply a positive mindset in their studies as well as other aspects in life.


  • Through our time with the students we emphasis on building their character inside and out giving them the confidence they need to be leaders and good role models in school and society.


  • Engaging students in group activities to increase confidence and participation.
  • Creating a supportive team environment and getting the class to bond through challenging group activities.

Teaching Skills for Life

Self Defence

  • We target students to experience subsequent improvements in quality of life and feelings of empowerment and control, with freedom from excessive anxiety.
  • Learning the fundamentals of effective anti-bullying strategies and self-defence techniques make students more confident, resilient, adaptable in everyday life at school, home and the community.